Tatsueji Temple

Tatsueji Temple


Tatsue Temple [Tatsue Area] 9 minutes from City Hall by car

Temple number 19 of Shikoku’s 88 temple pilgrimage. Emperor Shōmu ordered the temple built for his wife Empress Kōmyō as a prayer for safe childbirth. Important cultural artifacts from the Kamakura period (1185-1333) such as a statue of Shakamuni and his 2 attendants are located on the temple grounds.



Tatsueji Temple

Tatsue Temple (Tatsue-ji) White Heron Bridge

On the pilgrim path from Tatsue-ji to temple #20 Kakurin-ji, there is a red bridge called Shirasagi-bashi (White Heron Bridge). Legend says that if a person with a wicked heart attempts to cross the bridge, a white heron will swoop down from above and leave the person unable to move. Pious men and women will not see the figure of a white heron above the bridge. This bridge is the source of Tatsue-ji’s reputation as a checkpoint for testing your integrity and righteousness.

Tatsueji TempleTatsueji Temple